Update on Release 3

We hit a snag during production that is delaying us. As posted in a previous update we were planing to have the release a few days from now but one of the CNC machines used in the manufacturing has a problem with the Automated Tool Changer (ATC) that keeps stopping the production of that machine. We’re working with the machine manufacturer to resolve the problem. They asked us not to use the machine until they come and fix it. This could potentially delay the release to the end of the month so we will have to play it by ear. We would rather say end of the month instead of what could potentially be sooner than that because that way if the problem resolves quickly we get to release sooner but if it doesn’t then we release at the end of the month.


Sorry for the inconvenience that this can cause to your plans to have your helicopters sooner but we’re working hard to get them out asap. We’ll keep you updated.


Avant RC.

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