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General facts about Avant R

About Avant RC

Avant RC, the premier manufacturer of Radio Control Helicopters.
For 15 years since 2000, the helicopters manufactured by Avant RC are the most advanced helicopters in the market. Avant RC is known to be at the forefront of innovation and design. Most of our designs are later imitated by our competitors. The Aurora line of helicopters is also the sexiest looking radio control helicopter in the market. The precision and agility of the helicopter in flight makes it the de-facto standard which other 3D helicopters are measured against.
The company features brand-new expanded manufacturing facilities with the first hands-off automated production line in the industry. This new capability allows Avant RC to manufacture the helicopter parts with very limited human intervention or its associated labor cost right here in the US. This makes Avant RC the only US based manufacturer that is able to compete in the price range of the asian suppliers but with a US based quality control and precision not found on the cheap imports.
We are very proud to have invested in this large state-of-the-art automated manufacturing facility and to keep our manufacturing base inside the United States buying also our manufacturing supplies from US companies.
Avant RC.