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IRCHA 2012 Grand Prize

As one of the oldest Platinum Sponsors for IRCHA’s Jamboree AVANT RC is proud to announce the IRCHA 2012 Platinum Sponsor Grand Prize. The Prize consist of an Aurora FBL Nitro with the frames upgrade for 120 Engines. It features the S-120SR engine. It also features the RigidCore™ FBL head and the new yet to be released pro-level ProTek digital servos.






Avant RC.

Aurora Electric 90 Specifications


The Absolute Best and Sexiest 3D machine ever is now Electric too!

This is a helicopter that was designed from the ground up as a pure native electric heli. With the design of the Aurora Ultimate Avant re-defined the design of advanced 3D RC helicopters and now with the electric Aurora Avant is redefining what a 90-sized electric helicopter should be. This is the dream machine that sets the pace of what an electric 90 should be. Designed from the ground up as a true native electric helicopter with input from many seasoned 90 size electric pilots that were looking for the ideal 90 sized electric machine. The flying characteristics are simply unparalleled. It flies light and nimble yet with the precision of a contest machine.

The use of two inexpensive 600-class battery packs allows users to reuse their current 600 size packs as well as access the growing number of low cost battery packs becoming available. One of the concepts used in the design was minimizing damage to the packs. With that in mind we designed the mounting of the packs by attaching them to solid sections of the frames whose edges would take the brunt of a collision minimizing damage to the packs.

This innovative staggered side-slot battery placement makes it very quick and easy battery exchanges and also balances the left/right weight load to keep the cg centered and the moment of inertia minimal. The elongated right side Battery slot allows you to slide the packs back and forth to adjust for precise CG location.

This helicopter is truly the best 90 electric in the market. Unlike other designs this helicopter was designed from the start as a truly purebred electric helicopter.

The model uses the tried-and-true and very successful Avant CCPM system and the amazing Avant Programmable Head and combined them with the rest of a design that takes the state of the art in high performance 3D electric helicopters to a new level.




• Battery Pack protection

One of the most important features of this design is the protection of the power packs which are arguably one of the most expensive parts risked in a crash. The main power packs are attached to a solid section of the carbon fiber frame both with self-sticking Velcro and by the straps. Since collisions are absorbed mostly by the solid section damage to the packs is minimized during crashes.


• Wiring is all inside the frames
All wires and cables fit inside the frames leaving no clutter outside.


• Generously sized locations for motor and speed controller
The locations for the motor and speed controller are large enough to accommodate current and larger sized motors and ESCs leaving plenty of space for oversized outrunners and large heat-sinks.

• Pinion support on top and bottom
Support on top and bottom distributes the load into two bearing blocks minimizing wear on the motor’s bearings.

• Motor and ESC exposed to open air for better cooling
Both motor and ESC are protected inside the frames and at the same time exposed to the flight’s air flow helping them stay cool during flight.


• Back Tail Servo location
Since electronics are not exposed to exhaust oil the tail servo is located in the back of the frames for direct tail control.

• Servos close to receiver
All Servos are easily accessible and at a short distance from the side=mounted receiver for easy access and service.

• The power packs are located higher
Unlike in most electric conversions where all the packs are located at the bottom the Electric Aurora features a design that places the battery packs at a higher location putting the CG point at a higher location making side-tic-tocs and rolling maneuvers effortless.


• Slim design and low front profile
A very slim design and low front profile give the Aurora a very low drag coefficient that allows it to keep the momentum in the most demanding maneuvers.

Low parts count
An incredibly low parts count makes this an extremely easy to assemble, repair and maintain heli.

Painted Canopy

High end professionally painted canopy included





• Compatible blade sizes: 690mm, 700mm, 710mm & 720mm *
• Compatible Tail Blade size: 100mm-107mm *
• Suitable Motors 40mm and 50mm Dia. outrunners 450-500KV *
• Stock Gear Ratio: 9.9 optional 9.0 and 8.25
• Suitable Radio: 7CH Helicopter type heli radio *
• Fuselage Length:1426mm
• Fuselage width: 123mm
• Total Height: 465mm
• Main Rotor Diameter: 1595mm 710mm main blades
• Tail rotor diameter:  280mm 105mm Tail blades
• Main blade mounting: 14mm root, 5mm hole
* Main blades, tail blades, motor & radio are not included

Order yours today and be the envy of your field owning the most advanced and sexy electric heli in the market.

Avant RC.





Jason Bell

Jason Bell

Also known as Donkey Kong. He can test the limits of any helicopter and if there is anything that can break he will break it for sure hence the motto “Donkey Kong Tested”

About Avant RC

Avant RC, the premier manufacturer of Radio Control Helicopters.
For 15 years since 2000, the helicopters manufactured by Avant RC are the most advanced helicopters in the market. Avant RC is known to be at the forefront of innovation and design. Most of our designs are later imitated by our competitors. The Aurora line of helicopters is also the sexiest looking radio control helicopter in the market. The precision and agility of the helicopter in flight makes it the de-facto standard which other 3D helicopters are measured against.
The company features brand-new expanded manufacturing facilities with the first hands-off automated production line in the industry. This new capability allows Avant RC to manufacture the helicopter parts with very limited human intervention or its associated labor cost right here in the US. This makes Avant RC the only US based manufacturer that is able to compete in the price range of the asian suppliers but with a US based quality control and precision not found on the cheap imports.
We are very proud to have invested in this large state-of-the-art automated manufacturing facility and to keep our manufacturing base inside the United States buying also our manufacturing supplies from US companies.
Avant RC.

Newsflash 1

Avant RC opens a new 100% automated manufacturing facility in USA.

With an eye into the future Avant RC opened a new expanded manufacturing facility. This facility was designed to allow for the manufacturing of the large majority of the parts with no or very minor human intervention. The Company invested in state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing equipment equiped with automated unatended material handling and parts finishing. This makes it possible to level the playing field between the US manufacturers and the cheap asian competitors retaining the ability to have in-house US-based quality control.

Newsflash 2


Avant RC releases the Aurora 90 Ultimate.

The Absolute Best 3D machine ever is the Sexiest Too!!! The Avant Aurora, the helicopter that re-defined the design of advanced 3D RC helicopters is available to the public. After an extensive amount of testing and refinements as well as technological breakthroughs the final product is a combination of the strongest and most reliable airframe together with the sexiest looking style that will make you the envy of everyone at your field. The flying characteristics are simply unparalleled. It flies light and nimble yet with a precision similar to contest machines. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery we have to say that we are extremely flattered. Probably the most imitated design to date makes us believe we might have done something right because many of our competitors are scrambling to get versions of their helis that look similar to the Aurora but if you want to have the genuine item only the Aurora will do.